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We are remodelling our store in order to give you a new experience

We are listing new records every day still and mean while you find them on Discogs or in our store in Stockholm

Version 2.0

Why are you doing this?

We started our business 2022, with the idea to give you as a customer the best possible experience, both online and In-store.

With a small budget we launched a site to show off our products and keep our followers up to date on new listings. However, as some might have noticed, we have not updated it as frequently as you would expect from a site that promise the best possible experience.

Therefor we are soon to launch a new shop we have been working on for quite some time. You will recognise colors and graphics, we have put all our efforts on user experience, such as more powerful filtering of products, more interesting content and easier access to titles that you will like. We are also planning on bringing a much larger catalogue of new curated titles.

Jungle Drums

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